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Energy Efficiency Auditing

The need to reduce energy costs is a crucial business practice for successful organizations, and energy audits have begun to play a more significant role in managing energy expenses. Energy audits can encompass a variety of surveying techniques but most commonly consist of an analysis of energy usage within a building or facility and its contained equipment.Audits include comprehensive lists of energy efficiency measures derived from building and facility performance. Industrial energy audits often focus on key aspects of the overall system that tend to use the most energy.Common examples of audited equipment include HVAC, lighting, and plug load.

Our auditors use the latest technology to test the building shell for leakage and for testing combustion appliances in the home for safe and efficient operation. We take into account all aspects of energy use in the home and educate the customer so they can make smart choices regarding the use of energy-saving techniques in their homes.When possible, we use specialized software to produce comprehensive recommendation reports that show which energy-efficiency improvements would reduce monthly energy costs while also making the home more comfortable. This report contains savings estimates, labor and equipment costs, and payback for all energy savings recommendations. These are improvements that everyone can afford, since they require no out-of-pocket down payment.