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Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction solutions can reduce the kVA demand to lower your power bills and reduce carbon emmissions in networks with varying levels of harmonics. In addition active harmonic filters can reduce these harmful system harmonics and also provide power factor correction. We have engineers that can provide on-site technical service and design, advising on a number of power quality solutions that will improve your network efficiency and reliability.

Low Voltage Capacitors - Three-phase modular capacitors 50/60 Hz are used to build capacitor banks for power factor correction on low voltage networks. Our range covers all the power ratings you might need, depending on the voltage, frequency and harmonic pollution level of the network.

Power Factor Controllers - Our Varlogic controllers permanently measure the reactive power of the installation and control connection and disconnection of capacitor steps in order to obtain the required power factor.

Low Voltage Capacitors Banks - We offer a range of capacitor banks ready to install and use for all your power factor correction needs. This range is composed of compensation enclosures or cubicles with or without incoming circuit breaker to answer to all possible network configurations.