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Smart Home Automation Systems

Security is becoming a basic consideration for home owners and tenants. Our home automation systems come integrated with security and surveillance features.

Door Lock
We have automatic door locks that allow you to choose who have access to your house,especially in your absence, and remote control via the Internet.
Our system allows a ONE-time password to be used which expires within a limited time and comes equipped to automatically lock the door when you are away.

System integrated cameras allow you to monitor in real-time and,with the option of back-up,leaves you rest assured that your loved ones are safe.This system also comes with a power back-up option for optimum output.

Door/Window Sensor
Our system comes with sensors to enable monitoring of the status of the open able accesses that are then meshed with the alarm systems.In case of breach, the alarms go off and send notification of the breach and location of where the breach has happened. These alerts are remotely sent via e-mail/push notifications to your phone for response.

Our alarm system comes PIN-activated to ensure only authorised access is allowed. In case of a trigger, you can deactivate the system.In addition to the siren,the system sends real-time notifications to your phone letting you have control even in your absence from the location.

Motion Sensing
Our intelligent motion sensors have the capacity to measure light intensity, motion and temperature. These values are then sent to our processor and programmed to deliver several outputs depending on the situation. For instance, they sense motion and can trigger alarm when activated.They are also responsible for turning lights on and off. This provides a cost-effective system that is fully automated giving you convenience.

In conclusion, most of our products are time or situation-automated or both.
a. Time: The alarm system is activated at a particular time, e.g at bedtime daily.
b. Situational: Alarm system can be activated immediately whenever leaving the house, or whenever there is no motion for a prolonged period of time within the house.

Our systems are programmed to take full control on occasions where humans are bound to forget and subsequently pose security risk.